Wave Solder Machine Maintenance Training

Wave Solder Machine Maintenance Training is the great opportunity to get information about different wave soldering methods.

Training provides a lot of explanations about the fluxes, different chemicals in soldering process. Also expand upon the wave soldering standards and quality problems and PB-free technology.

The aim of this training is to provide a basic knowledge and understanding of:

  • soldering processes
  • soldering alloys (leaded and lead-free)
  • chemistry used in soldering process (fluxes etc.)
  • wave soldering principles and process toubleshooting
  • wave soldering mahines maintenance

Participants pass through the physics and principles of solder joints formation, solder fluxes classification and effect to final products, properties of different soldering alloys, wave soldering machine types and process monitoring and troubleshooting using IPC standards. Participants will get also the practical hints for wave soldering machines maintenance and parameters monitoring.