International Training and Certification Program

Rework, Repair and Modification Training and Certification Program

IPC-7711/21 is widely used standard offers a wealth of industry-approved techniques on through-hole and surface-mount rework as well as land, conductor and laminate repair. The standard also includes procedures for repairing and modifying boards and assemblies. In addition, it is now updated with additional support for lead free, BGAs and flex-print repairs.

Goals of the course:

  • To be able provide rework/repair by using different technologies
  • Provide rework and repair that satisfy the acceptance criteria of the standard
  • Improve Quality of repairing process

Training Modules*:

Module 1 is a required element.

  • Product classifications, skill levels, tools and materials
  • Basic surface mount and through hole component removal
  • Land preparation and component installation
  • Primary heating methods: conductive, convective, etc.
  • Handling electronic assemblies
  • Wire splicing procedures
  • Through hole component removal and installation
  • Chip and MELF rework procedures
  • SOIC/SOT, J-lead and QFP rework
  • Printed wiring board circuit and laminate repair
  • Conformal coating removal